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What is Gscope ?

 New : Gscope knows a lot about GeneNames

Gscope is an integrated platform allowing the analysis of all kind of genomic data.

Gscope is written in Tcl/Tk and runs on all systems.

Gscope is specially designed to perform high throughput analysis.

Gscope is mainly composed of

  • all tools necessary to create the basic data
  • analysis tools
  • visualisation interface

it allows also

  • the creation and feeding of SQL relational databases
  • the quering and display of the available information through a web based interface


Gscope works on a Gscope Project

A gscope Project can be a complete genome, a set of proteins, a set of genes, etc.

To run Gscope you need to define on which the corresponding project.

 setgscoperr MyProject

If the project already exists the Gscope Environment Variables are setted.

If it concerns a new project the directories are created and th evariables are setted. (see New Gscope Project)

Gscope has some specific applications

How it works