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==Gscope has some specific applications==
==Gscope has some specific applications==
* [[Gscope Clonage]] to design, order and manage oligos for [[Structural Genomics]]
* [[Gscope Clonage]] to design, order and manage oligos for [[Structural Genomics]], it's a first step to a LIMS
==How it works==
==How it works==
* Main [[Architecture of Gscope]]
* Main [[Architecture of Gscope]]

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What is Gscope ?

Gscope is an integrated platform allowing the analysis of all kind of genomic data.

Gscope is written in Tcl/Tk and runs on all systems.

Gscope is specially designed to perform high throughput analysis.

Gscope is mainly composed of

  • all tools necessary to create the basic data
  • analysis tools
  • visualisation interface

it allows also

  • the creation and feeding of SQL relational databases
  • the quering and display of the available information through a web based interface

Gscope has some specific applications

How it works