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Wscope is the web interface of Gscope

It runs as cgi-bin and has access to almost all procedures of Gscope   (Science is a Gscope Project, Command a procedure)


The most common possible actions are listed BUT

The owner of the Gscope Project can add specific actions for his project by creating the file fiches/WscopeLinksGuideMoi.txt as for example : (notice the use of [WscopeScience] or LbgiUrl] or [PreFixe], etc)

#put here the link and the text todispaly (separated by as many tabulations as you want, at least 1)
# line starting with # are skiped
# empty link and/or text are allowed
#Link								Texte
[LbgiUrl]/MeltingTemperatureBioPhp.php				Calculate Melting Temperature
[WscopeScience]&Signal						All Signals
[WscopeScience]&BrocOli&AllHtml					BrocOli ( Broken Oligos = generic oligos )
[WscopeScience]&ShowRestrictionEnzyme				Restriction Enzymes
[WscopeScience]&RestrictionEnzymesStatistics&ShowStatistics	... their Statistics
[WscopeScience]&RestrictionEnzymesStatistics&ShowHits		... their Hits
[WscopeScience]&AffichePof&AllPs				All existing oligos
[WscopeScience]&AfficheVirtualPPCR				All PCR products
[WscopeScience]&AfficheLesRec1					All Rec1 (ie pDONR)
[WscopeScience]&AfficheLesRec2					All Rec2 (ie pDEST)
[WscopeScience]&SpineSummaryOnWeb				Spine Targets Summary
[WscopeScience]&OliWeb						Order oligos (not yet available)


As for GuideMoi the owner can add specific actions for his BOXes by creating the file fiches/WscopeLinksFileMoi.txt (notice the use of $Qui or [Alias $Qui])

#rR WscopeLinksFileMoi.txt
#Ref							Text
[WscopeServer]?ProGS&ShowCloning&$Qui			Show Cloning=<b>All about oligos, PCR products, Recombinaison, etc.</b>
[WscopeServer]?ProGS&CheckRestrictionEnzymes&$Qui&All	RestrictionEnzymes=<b>Check Restriction Enzymes for $Qui</b>
[WscopeServer]?ProGS&FileMoi&infos&$Qui			SeqCheck=<b>See your sequence checking and other infos</b>
[LbgiUrl]/wikili/index.php/Gscope_Clonage		Wiki Gscope=Tout ce que vous aimeriez connaitre sur Gscope Clonage


A textual search is done in all infos/BOXxxx files

The Blast search is done in the blast databases found in banques/ (see Blast On Gscope Project)