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ImAnno provides a set of tools to query the database.

ImAnno Search Tools

Several searches can be done

By GeneName, Freetext or SelectComments

  1. search by GeneName. You get the corresponding AnnotAct
  2. Search in freetext and select comments

With ImAnno Sieves

  1. Go to the AnnotActs SearchTool clicking the button
  2. First, select some values to define your sieve (within one line we use the union operator)
  3. Select the AND or OR value to do an intersection or a union between lines
  4. Then click on Search to display the result
  5. Click on Save to save your sieve in order to do the same Annotact Search in the future
  6. Click on See all sieves to view all stored sieves
    • you can edit or delete your sieves
    • check on the right side and click on the Correlation button to see the correlations between the seeves

With the ImAnno PipeWork

  1. With the ImAnnoEarGeneListsWithDiaVenn PipeWork you can mix lists from ImAnno, EGE (the Ear Gene Expression data from Sajan) and gene lists from external website such as Jax, ihr, Sanger.
  2. It allows also to create Venn's Diagrams with DiaVenn