Gscope Environment Variables

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Gscope needs to know the Gscope Project it has to manage.

For that folllowing environment variables are set with the command (see the file setgscope)

 setgscoperr MyProject
  • setenv REPERTOIREDUGENOME /genomics/MyProject (the directory which contains the Gscope Project)
  • setenv NCBI /bips/share/ncbi
  • setenv BLASTDB /catalog/blast
  • the PATH is modified and contains at least
    • /home/ripp/gscope/bin
    • /home/ripp/mulali
    • /bips/EMBOSS/bin
    • /bips/bin

Following command are also launched


REPERTOIREDUGENOME and /home/ripp/gscope/bin are necessary and sufficient to run Gscope in visualisation mode.

Please see the file setgscope