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Fed Federating Data is a unique set of PHP programs displaying concurrently several websites (Fed instances).

We describe here the architecture of ONE website. Let's call it "arthur".

Main concepts

a relational SQL database

one database for our Fed instance (by default let's call it "arthur")

the fed shared php programs are in following directories

    • /arthur/phpGB (alias Project)
    • /arthur/phpRR
    • /arthur/phpLP

a hierarchical 3 levels tree organisation

  • sections
  • categories
  • buds

stored as html file with ul and li in /arthur/own/desk/MenuBarBora.php.

A page corresponds to the display of a section/categorie/bud.

  • All buds of the displayed category are clickable
  • All categories of the displayed section are clickable
  • All sections are allways available.

a page is displayed by a centralized .php program

FedHTMLDocument.php (aujoud'hui encore GenoretHTMLDocument) according to the CSS stored in /arthur/own/css/bora/Bora.css.php Each page is created using the /arthur/own/css/bora/bora.tpl.php model and the hierarchical organization MenuBarBora.php. The bora.tpl.php calls the phpRR/MenuMaker.php to now what to put in the menus.