T8 Inner spiral sulcus T9 Kolliker T12 Sacculus sensory region T14 Utriculus sensory region T16 Crista sensory region T13 Sacculus other cells T15 Utriculus other cells T17 Crista other cells T18 Semi circular canals T2 ME ossicles T5 Otic capsule T24 Cartilage of ribs T6 IE mesenchyme T4 ME mesenchyme T20 Choroide plexus T10 Stria vascularis T11 Outer spiral sulcus T19 Endolymphatic duct and sac T7 Statoacoustic ganglion T21 Hindbrain T22 Retina T23 Olfactory organ T16Cristasensoryregion T25 Vibrisse T3 ME tympanic membrane T1 Ext. acoustic meatus