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(This is a prototype site ... it is still protected by login and password.

For any question please mail to Raymond Ripp

 WikiGenoret is for You, EVI-Genoret member !
 It will contain more and more articles written by the EVI-Genoret members. 

Do you know Wikipedia ? It's a huge, web-based, free-content encyclopedia, which is written collaboratively through internet by volunteers all over the world. Wikipedia contains approximately 1.5 million articles ... Wikipedia is run by Mediawiki (, an open source software.

Using this software, Mediawiki, we installed for EVI-Genoret on our own computer (in Strasbourg) our own WikiGenoret site. This will allow to create, distribute and share the information that You, EVI-Genoret member will furnish.

Mediawiki is easy to use. You correct or update an existing page by clicking the above "edit" button. You can also create a new one. For that, first you have to create, in an existing page, a link to your future new page and then edit it by clicking on the link (which will be red as long as the new page doesn't exist). A link is indicated (in edit mode), with [[ ]] around the word you want the reference.

Don't be affraid to destroy or corrupt any vital data, Mediawiki shares backups very well ...

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