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 You can also mail your data or send a CD or DVD by the post

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To upload a Datafile :

  1. Connect to the Website of Genoret (with login and password)
  2. Login (again) to the Genoret Database (with login and password)
  3. Browse to the Web Page where you want to deposit your file
    1. it can be a SOP ( go to the SOPs top list)
    2. or a Gallery (go to the Gallery top list )
  4. Click on the "Upload your Datafile" button
  5. Normally you get the Genoret Upload Form with your name and email.
  6. Select a Visibility Group within all existing Visibility Groups
    1. if you don't find your favorite Visibility Group please mail to Raymond Ripp (the creation process will be available as soon as possible.)
  7. Browse for your file on your own computer
    1. use the Browse button to select the file
    2. or you can also upload an HttpLink
    3. or Type directly a text (this text will be saved in a file, this file is then "uploaded")
  8. Enter a Title for your uploaded datafile This Title will be used in all our display lists
    1. So, please, choose a meaningfull title explaining briefly the content of your file.
    2. It may to be cut at 80 characters in some cases
  9. Enter a Description for your uploaded datafile
  10. Describe the content of your file and specify in which environment it has to be used (it can be used elsewhere)
    1. Keep in mind that this description will be used in our search engine, so, please, add all meaningfull keywords you can imagine (at the end of your text if necessary)
  11. Press the green Upload button
  12. You will get a web page showing all information about your upload and You will receive a Upload Confirmation Email
  13. Normally, if you went back to the "Web Page where you want(ed) to deposit your file", you should see the newly uploaded Datafile.(please "reload" the web page)
  14. If something went wrong , maybe you want to
    1. modify the Visibility Group
    2. remove your Uploaded Datafile
    3. change the recipiand SOP or Gallery
    4. mail to Raymond Ripp or Guillaume Berthommier
  15. Don't forget to keep safely your Upload Confirmation Email

If you have many files to upload please send an email to explain what you want to do. We will find a solution (creating for example one description file and zipping the datafiles).

Thank you for uploading !

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