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A SOP is a Standard Operation Procedure

(notice that a SOP is the node of the SOPs tree and/or the files describing it)

Up to now we prepared the SOPs tree .. please contribute to describe each node)


Description of a SOP

To each SOP are associated one or more files (Word, Powerpoint, .html, text, Movies, Photographs, Pictures, etc.) describing the SOP.

These files can be uploaded by annny EVI-Genoret member.

Sub SOPs can also be associated to a SOP. For that reason we introduce the SOPs tree organisation.

The SOPs tree organisation

SOPs are organized as a tree. Each SOP has a parent SOP and can contain children SOPs. The root SOP is SOPsList.

The SOPs tree is a way to organize the SOPs. We decided to choose the Components as main organisation schema.

Some foreseen directories are still empty. To visualize the availability of the existing SOPs we colorize the SOPs tree according to "full implemented", "empty" and "some, but not all, nodes are missing". Please, upload soon ...

Database attributes of SOPs

Each SOP has

  • a SopCode (one word without blank)
  • a SopTitle (not to long, maximum 255 characters)
  • a SopDescription (text who describes briefly the purpose of this SOP)
  • a parent SOP

and it is precisely decribed through

  • associated HttpLinks (internal or external)
  • associated Datafiles within the Genoret Database


See the hierarchical tree of SOPs "Genoret SOPs"

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