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RetGene is a Gscope project about the most important genes whose mutations are directly involved in retinal diseases

  • RG0001 AIPL1
  • RG0002 CRB1
  • RG0003 CRX
  • RG0004 GUCY2D
  • RG0005 RDH12
  • RG0006 RPE65
  • RG0007 RPGRIP1
  • RG0008 TULP1

most of them are responsible for LCA.

 Other genes are referenced by Christian Hamel's patient database. 
  • RG0010 CHM
  • RG0011 MYO7A
  • RG0012 OA1
  • RG0013 OPA1
  • RG0014 RDS
  • RG0015 USH2A
  • RG0016 USH3A
  • RG0017 XLRS1
  • RG0018 RHO
 Actually we have to do a lot of work to normalize all notation.
 We hope to be able to create a reference database
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