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The project EVI-GENORET aims at building through a comprehensive and systematic research strategy the basis for deciphering, understanding and integrating the function of major genes involved in retinal development, maintenance, physiology and degeneration. This proposal is of a multidisciplinary nature involving gene expression, proteomic, bioinformatics including comparative genomics, and population genetics as illustrated: It will provide possibly the most coordinated and focused approach ever to the functional genomics of the retina in development, health and disease. A specific component of this proposal will seek to exploit this information to develop practical tools/resources (software tools and databases, integration with other related genomic/proteomic databases) that can be used for diagnosis, disease screening, drug target evaluation and the development of new therapeutical strategies for blinding diseases (including AMD ) threatening over 12 million people in Europe.The project involves small and medium-sized enterprises facilitating the rapid transfer of technology into real contributions to European technological development and improved health care.

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