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Browsing through the Genoret Database

The Website should work best at least for following web browsers :

  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Mozilla
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Safari

From Genoret Website main page you have access to almost all browsing possibilities

 Tips : in the Genoret Website, click on the small icons representing 
 Word, PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, the InternetWorldSphere, ...
 to access directly to the content of the Datafile 
 (If you click on the blue text link you'll first get the description of the Datafile)

Actually we can define several major entry points for your browsing

  1. The People, Workpackages, Components and Centres
  2. The Project oriented organisation
  3. The hierarchical tree of SOPs
  4. The hierarchical tree of Galleries
  5. Specific Query Tools providing various views obtained from the SQL Relational Database
  6. The access to some External Databases (located in Strasbourg or in foreign labs)

SOPs and Galleries contain Datafiles uploaded by EVI-Genoret members. These files can be downloaded.

SQL query tools will be more and more developped

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